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Q&A Video Response

Q&A Video Response

Β Here’s a public Q&A that I answer in video format!! Hopefully I can make more of these for you guys in the near future!
Please feel free to ask any additional questions if you want~


(No Patreon Update this week)

4 Responses to Q&A Video Response

  1. This was super cute!!! Thanks for sharing! ‘v’

    You mentioned WoW – are there any other video games you like to play?

  2. Ummm…..Wat is your bugs name. And I will support you any way I can sooooo.and one more quest tion wen is the next fur con day so I can come and see furs pls and the date thank you!!πŸ¦‚πŸžπŸπŸœπŸ›

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