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  1. *Suddenly Realises it’s Tuesday n’ there ain’t no Seel for me*

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23 Responses to Update 2

  1. A) People that hound you to entertain them immediately for free are people you can do without. They don’t deserve to be entertained.

    B) You be good to you. We all love your art.

  2. Don’t worry, take your time, we stay there and we will not forget you !
    My english is bad but I still want you to feel better hehe πŸ™‚

  3. I’ll NEVER FORGET THIS WEBSITE ! or your art !!
    tips for keeping up the good health and not get sick = less showers
    You could smell real bad but it’s worth it 8’D

  4. Arghhhh Just Take Your Dang Time!
    Be A Slow Relaxation Bean For At Least A Second And That Would Be SO Satisfying For Us To Know Your At Least Ok!
    We All Love Ya, So Take The Time You Deserve!

  5. Ah the trials and tribulations of moving to and around japan, for a foreginer! Good things to know (you might even make a handy list) for others wishing to follow suit. I keep wanting to pack up and leave thing behind, here in the states… and just go find me a shrine off in the hills to live at, there! xD

        • If you want a little bit or romanticism, stay in a ryokan for a few days. Check first to be sure they’re comfortable accommodating foreigners, and also be sure you brush up on the proper etiquette.

          There was one in Kyoto that was FABULOUS. Though I look like Sadako in a yukata. T_T

  6. Yeah, come on, you’re not living for us but yourself! Of course you need to just live your life in the first place, focus on your stuff! You don’t owe us anything. There’s definitely no need to be sorry. Hey pal, I’ll be just thinking about you and hoping everything turns out fine. You’re doing good, and I hope it’s gonna be a lot of joy afterwards!

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21 Responses to Update!

  1. really disappointing that it’s been this long without updates. kinda thinking of just forgetting this site at this point.

    • Hey.. sometimes Life just happens. People get sidetracked with more, immediately, important things. Saying you “might just forget” is a rather rude, and in some ways selfish, thing to say. Try putting yourself in the other persons shoes for a change.

      Say you ended up in a hospitol, and couldn’t contact any friends or family for a long while… How would you feel if they decided to just “forget about you”? Really…. >_>

  2. Like a lot of people here, the handwritten text looks very nice, and if its easier for you to do then that’s awesome. As to the videos, I would have to see one to give a solid opinion on it, but I’m on board with the idea so far. Good luck with taxes and moving etc.

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  1. All these cartoonists would look at my work, be nice and friendly to me, give me their work … my only comeuppance was that when I lived in New York and sold a comic strip, I went back to say hi to everybody and there was a different attitude β€” β€œLook what this stupid kid did! He went to New York and sold a comic strip!

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12 Responses to Sichuan Pepperflakes

  1. I had a similar situation a couple years ago when someone gave me a pepper and someone else at the table told me not to bite the whole thing, so I bit the whole thing, chewed it, swallowed, was able to talk, and walked out of the the lunch room.
    Three minutes later, it was like I had licked a ball of fire. My mouth was dripping, my eyes were burning, my nose was running, my head was starting to feel hazy. I felt so light-headed that I couldn’t walk straight and it didn’t go away for almost half an hour. I barely managed to work after that, and it was doing the more physically stressful jobs, in a hot room, during summer. So the pepper making me sweat oceans didn’t help.

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5 Responses to Huion Unboxing

  1. Wow. I might have to give that a serious look-see. I started on an Intuos years ago and never liked the disconnect between drawing on one surface and seeing the results on a screen. So I foolishly blew a cash windfall one year on the behemoth 50 Lb Cintiq HD, and I’ve hated it the whole time. Crappy resolution, parallax, and the titanic proportions… it’s literally sitting on my floor now with dirty jeans draped over it (So the cat won’t puke on them). A frickin $2,500 laundery rack.

    Maybe I can sell it for a case of beer on ebay :'(

    P.S. you forgot to sniff the carton when you first cut it open. Call me weird, but there’s nothing like the smell of new electronics, LOL!

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