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Anytime, Anywhere

Anytime, Anywhere


Alright so I really wanted to get a special piece of VIDEO CONTENT out for this week’s Seelpeel, but it turns out I’m too much of a video editing noob that it might have to wait til next week lol.Lately I’ve had some interest in making little video/music animations so I’m trying to get a hang at utilizing simple animations and video software!! Patrons will definitely get first viewing access to it whenever I complete the video, which will HOPEFULLY be in the next few days. JUST gotta figure out this program lol  >83c


Anyway, enjoy the new comic! Basically Onta can fall asleep instantly… anywhere, at any time. I really envy it. Imagine boarding a 13 hour flight, closing your eyes for a sec, and then waking up to reach your destination? How magical does that sound? It’s like teleporting!
Meanwhile here I am, stricken with horrible anxiety, unable to sleep a wink, and extremely exhausted and feeling like pooballs after an extremely long flight.


Onta doesn’t know how lucky he is  >:Y


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