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Bold Moves

Bold Moves




In other news though, This is Seelpeel’s first anniversary!! WOW!!  Well technically it will be on the 15th, but since the comic is updating right now. NOW it is the anniversary. Seelpeel is now ONE YEAR OLD!! Of course I wanna give a bug hug (hmm meant to type BIG hug, but that typo works) and THANK YOU to everyone that has supported this site in one way or another this past year. Whether you come here to read the comic constantly or just every now and then, if you’ve supported a bunch or just a little through Patreon, promoted my content, etc… seriously, EVERYTHING counts and it makes me so happy people are enjoying this silly lil webcomic~!!



I guess I don’t really have much in a way of a celebratory thing. But you can check out these cute little succulents I’ve been propagating lately instead?!


This comic is entirely supported through Patreon. Let’s give a BIG THANKS to our Super Supporters this week:

♥♥ Coonix, Keo, Fritter, Van, Noodleinc, Steven, Bryan, Cecil, Tsukiyo, Rigoberto, Justin, BionicHound, and Falcon! ♥♥

15 Responses to Bold Moves

  1. best design
    PS: i want to make a translation of comics in russian, so if you don’t mind rest your answer. Thanks)

  2. Best design.
    PS: i wanna make a translation of your comics on russian, so if you don’t mind reply please. Thanks)

  3. I loved so much the cupcake with you and Daige that i made a wallpaper out of it. Keep it up, you are an inspiration for the new artist that i am. luv ans bug :3

  4. I had only recently found your comic, but I have been quite a fan of your artwork for years 😀

    I actually have a poster of yours from Deviant Art, the Growing Up artwork which I have posted above my TV :3

    So yes, congratulations on a year!

  5. I saw your first comic when it was uploaded and I’ve read every Tuesday since. Hard to believe its been a year since then huh? I have enjoyed this lil web comic and I hope to see it continue.
    -best wishes from your loyal dragon friend

    • Ahhh thank you so much!! I am surprised it’s already been a year too. Time sure did fly. It really doesn’t feel like it’s been that long?!

      Here’s to another year of lil doofy comics!! ♥

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