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Cherry Cheese Danish

Cherry Cheese Danish


If this doesn’t make much sense, imagine this happened the same day that this comic took place. Because it did. And the only reason Onta bought this danish was BECAUSE of that. What a sweet… guy….


If you follow my Twitter you might have noticed my birthday was on the 16th! I didn’t really do anything special, just had a nice relaxing day and ate some delicious food. I received so many nice birthday wishes and gestures that really brightened up my entire day (and there are a few stragglers that CONTINUE to make me feel really happy). Really just knowing you guys have thought of me lifts my spirits, so I wanted to say thank you to everyone! Ya’ll are the best!!


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12 Responses to Cherry Cheese Danish

  1. Joyeux Anniversaire Seel !
    Happy Birthday ! I hope you had an awsome day !
    I just wonder what speice is Seel and he is a boy or a girl (I find him/her really cute and sexy) ^.^ Nyo !

  2. ok i’ll bite. i don’t think i’ve ever seen any links or mentioning where you can find ontas work. I’m curious. deathly curious. i never eat cinnamon buns or any of those weird glazed things anyways. i’m 23 if you don’t wanna feel like you’re exposing potential minors to some @$$ work

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