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GET HYPE FOR SUN MOON NEXT WEEK!!I actually had originally made this comic when XY came out but never got a chance to play that game coz I was too busy. So it’s nice that I got to repurpose this comic for the new release (thank god the 3DS is still a relevant system haha)


Hopefully this time I’ll actually have time to play, because I’m SO excited for the new direction the games are taking!! Also all those new invertebrate pokemon have my name all over them   8>


Until then, I’m having a lot of fun poking around with the ACNL update. Haven’t had much time for games lately, but it’s nice to tidy up my town again after so long! By the way, here are some Pokemon things I’ve drawn recently coz I’ve been super excited for this new game!!




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5 Responses to Farewell

  1. I like how the entire pokedex for Sun and Moon is already out due to leaks.

    I too will go with Popplio since I love fairy types and that final evolution is really adorable. Goes from being a dork to a god.

  2. AAA are you going to get Pokémon Moon too? I already pre-ordered it, and I’m so excited! 7 More days! I’m choosing Popplio as my starter Pokémon, what about you?

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