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This is a guest comic collaboration with my friend Kiki! I had done the original drawing/sketch and she had offered to ink and colour it! This was based off of an event when I met her last month and she gave me a cute little birthday gift.

For some context: apparently seeing or even just mentioning a cockroach (gokiburi) in Japan is considered pretty bad.


If anyone is interested in checking out Kiki’s amazing artwork, you can find her at these galleries! Twitter, Pixiv, FurAffinity, and you can even support her through Patreon! Please give her a look~


Here is the tweet with a photo of the little cockroach charm she gave me, along with an adorable Monster Rancher Worm drawing!!  <3


This comic is entirely supported through Patreon. Let’s give a BIG THANKS to our Super Supporters this week:

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