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Guest Comic: Grood

Guest Comic: Grood


Hahaha this is a surprise guest comic made by my good friend GROOD!! They posted this to their Twitter one day and surprised me, and I was so happy they are also allowing me to post it on my site. This was based on real events when they came to visit me once on campus in Philly. I don’t really remember these events exactly, but Grood did!! Seeing this makes me smile, and I hope you all get some enjoyment from it too. I’m so happy to have their comic here!!


Incidentally, that canvas bag was all full of Atari cartridges. This was right after I glued my hands together helping Seel build molds.

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  1. ok i know its the perspective but i see his mouth and im agonizingly trying not to picture it as a flying kite xD (sorry if this was rude my intention was me just being silly :P)

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