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Harmless Fun

Harmless Fun


That time I was playing with my cat and accidentally kept slapping my friend in the face with the cat toy  8(



Working on this comic actually really made me miss my cat, I haven’t seen her in over a year  ;n;  I miss kitty cuddles and playtime~  I hope she’s doing well!!
My friends Voe and Deige are actually caring for her while I’m in Japan. I’m eternally grateful for their support. I MISS THEM and Hathor.  <3


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5 Responses to Harmless Fun

  1. oh i love it! don’t you play gently with your cat? poor friend! getting whipped like that!
    Myself i shake some rope on the floor so it looks like a snake, my cat loves it! She doesn’t like it when it goes above her head, she so lazy!

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