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Herping 2

Herping 2


It’s one thing to not find any cool creatures on a planned outing, but then to get STUNG ON THE EYEBALL… man that was the worst haha. I didn’t even scratch it (even though it ITCHED LIKE HEKC) but it still swole up like a balloon. Took a few days for it to go away, too. But I guess it could have been worse!

It was still a fun little trip regardless  😀


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7 Responses to Herping 2

  1. OMG. Mosquitos love my blood too. I can be out with a ton of spray, those repellent candles, and thick clothes…but somehow they get me. Stupid bloodsuckers

  2. I got stung on the eye by a bee once when I was like seven and it was swollen for a couple days. It’s not fun getting your eye attacked by any bug.

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