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Jelly Cup

Jelly Cup


Well since I recently hit the milestone I had to quickly get this little guy out to hit 2 Seelpeel updates this week!! I have a folder of very short 1-2 panel “comics” that I had saved just for hitting this milestone so that I wouldn’t be too overwhelmed to start things off.


This was originally just the one panel but I figured I would add a little more context (the Tweets) that took place at the time I had originally sketched this (back in 2015, dang). I was staying at Onta’s house and we got a bunch of bulk jelly cups for super cheap and were probably eating way more jelly than was healthy for us.

I haven’t chosen a specific day yet to upload the second week’s Seelpeel strip, but it might be on Thursdays or Fridays depending on my schedule! Also after this week the additional comic will also be available early release to Patrons who support at any level!


I should get to bed now though, I have a poopy migraine that needs to get the heckie out >:T


This comic is entirely supported through Patreon. Let’s give a BIG THANKS to our Super Supporters this week:

♥♥ Additional Bonus Comic, no support this time! Thank you all!! ♥♥

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