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Lunar Friend

Lunar Friend


UHG I always fail to anticipate how long a comic like this can take to complete sometimes lol. I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while but with backgrounds and TRUCKS to draw I…. honestly any comic that includes a type of vehicle I am always so reluctant to draw lol.Ah well… poor little friend I inadvertently sent to its death  8(

I’m so sorry tiny beautiful friend….


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12 Responses to Lunar Friend

  1. THE VERY first time I tried to save a lunar moth, I was 12 years old and this EXACT this hapened to me and left me COMPLETELY mortified for a like, 2 whole days.

  2. Awww. Been there. The circle of life, she is a cruel mistress. But hey, if I had to chose, I’d take being someone’s nourishment over a greasy spot on a tire, right?

  3. Cars are cubic but also not so much… I feel ya, I can only draw cartoon looking cars! modern vehicles are curvy and so less “vulgar” than they used to be, i may say…
    Great comic!! I read it all yesterday, I chuckled & laughed and and… i love it.

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