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Movie Night

Movie Night


WHAA- IT’S WEDNESDAY!??!  Oh gosh I’m so sorry everyone, I’ve been busy preparing for a convention (will you be at JMoF 2017?!) and I totally lost track of the days. Here is this week’s comic, a few hours late!


Anyway… YAY FINALLY DRAGONMAW GETS HIS FIRST OFFICIAL COMIC!This was from a few years ago, it’s actually been a long time since I’ve seen The Host… we should totes watch it again.

At my old old old apartment, the bathroom was RIGHT next to be bed (It wasn’t a very big place) which was both awesome and kinda gross ahahaha. but it made it convenient for if you wanted to watch a movie without pausing!

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♥♥ No Patreon charge this week for my holiday break! ♥♥

7 Responses to Movie Night

  1. Hello Seel,
    First I want to say love your comics they always make me smile when I need to. Second I am hoping to do research on insects for a comic idea and you were the first person to come to mind. I didn’t know if there is some book you would recommend, or website that I can go to to study the subject in detail.
    -Thank you

    • The first place that comes to mind for expansive insect/spider pictures and info is Bugguide dot net. It’s a great resource, however, the species listed are North American only.


    Also don’t worry about being late, Ive waited for Prequel to update for over a year.

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