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Pocket Sized

Pocket Sized


We’ve officially had the first new week of school for the semester and I’m already pooped. We haven’t even reached the hard stuff yet. I just barely passed the course last semester, but I’ve now made it to level 3 (Intermediate Japanese)! It still feels like I don’t really know that much, though… This language is tough ;__;

Well, I can’t really write too much because I am terribly exhausted and need to get some rest. It seems that it is i who is actually the sleepy butt.  ( ´_ゝ`)


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  1. Heeeeya this is Allie from undergrad at Tyler :DDD I loooove coming back to your site and looking at your art ~~ Are you living in Tokyo?!! That’s rad af, congrats!!! Just wanted to say hi and hope everything is going well ~


  2. it is so cute SLEEPY BUTT look at his shorts he can’t even wear them properly because of his cute little tail! :c

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