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Quest 3: Dream

Quest 3: Dream


Spoilers: I never got that cinnabun. In fact it’s been a few years and I still didn’t get one. The craving persists. I need to find somewhere in Tokyo that sells big delicious cinnamon buns…

Also whoever guessed that food is what motivated me to get out of bed was correct. YOU WIN THE PRIZE OF feeding me a cinnamon bun



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15 Responses to Quest 3: Dream

  1. Doesn’t Tully’s have cinnamon buns? Or at least some kind of approximation? (Disclaimer, I don’t eat a lot of sweets, so I didn’t specifically go looking for them while I was in Japan.)

  2. The best Cinnamonbun, in my own opinion, is when the glaze isn’t too sweet and the cinnamon isn’t overbearing. The buns I usually encounter usually don’t fit that standard

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