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Quest 4: Nightmare

Quest 4: Nightmare


Hmmm, maybe I should make a content warning for “adult dialogue” or something for this comic?!
Trying to keep these comics MOSTLY appropriate for all viewers but I guess this one will take the comics out of that territory LOL. I actually probably wouldn’t have done this comic if I didn’t TOTALLY FORGET THIS IS HOW IT ENDS good job me.


UHMMM LET’S CHANGE THE SUBJECT. Why not look at this delicious ramen I ate today?! ehehe…. (((( ;°Д°))))


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23 Responses to Quest 4: Nightmare

  1. I don’t recall how a friend of mine and I got on the topic of prolapse.. But they were utterly confused on the topic. So, if some of the viewers you have on here are anything like that, this comic probably went over there head for the most part. “I know it’s dirty but what is it exactly? Googles what’s a— OH MY GOD!”

  2. I draw all the furry porn yet still not really using refs like that.
    Too ashamed I guess.
    Not gaping buttholes though… seen it, regret it.

  3. Reminds me of that art installation they had at a gallery. For some reason, there was a TV which was playing a video of someone’s butthole opening and closing to the sounds of some heavy breathing.

    Art, man…

    Also, there was a room full of ceramic dicks. 🙂

  4. I always wondered how living under the same roof with a prawn artist was like. Now i know it is full of… things. xD

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