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Sorry about the kinda late post for this! Been traveling a lot to see family, and knocking out a bunch of necessary doctor appointments before we make the big move to Japan.
Currently I’m not really in an environment where drawing digitally is super easy, but I was able to get this out finally!!


This is the first comic featuring my friend VOE! If you remember Deige from an earlier comic, this is his husband. Come January I will be overhauling the character page to add more characters and information!
As far as this comic goes, unfortunately I was a little spaced out when Voe was telling me about these amazing candy bars he brought back from England for me to try. I ended up just blurting out the first thing that popped into my head. XwX;;


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8 Responses to Rectangles

  1. Wonder how it was….Say, Seel, Do ya like England chocolate then?
    I Most Certainly Do!……………..Mainly Cause I’m Native To England And Still Living Here, BUT WHATEVER!
    ( ‘ ^ ‘) ?

  2. Wow. Moving to Japan. That’s pretty cool…don’t eat any weirdly shaped fruits and vegetables. Cause, you know….tell radiation and all.

  3. Have a break, have a TikTak =D.

    In all honesty, you should take a small break on your updates until you get all your stuff sorted out…

    Best of luck for both you and Onta o3o.

  4. this was really cute! i like how in the first picture both of you have your eyes closed…. actually… why are his eyes closed? im dont mean it in a rude way but i was just curious😳

  5. Well be fare, the word “Bar” could be cylindrical.

    Man yoou do the cutest faces for Seel and your characters.

    Have fun on your trip to Japan.

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