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When you’re really excited about a TV show but your friends don’t really care.



This was a few years ago when they added all of the X-Files episodes to Netflix. I was really excited because I hadn’t properly watched it since I was a child! It was an incredibly nostalgic feeling, since I was too young to remember the specifics of the show or individual episodes… it was like watching it for the first time, but also feeling a strangely familiar, almost dejavu-like sensation.


I also remember REALLY wanting to watch X-Files when it came on TV when I was young, because at the time I was super into aliens. I was too scared to watch it by myself., but nobody else in my family seemed too interested to watch it haha. THE STRUGGLE.



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  1. It was too spooky for me as a kid too, but since this comic I’ve watched it all on netflix too and even have a scully figure on my desk now

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