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Speices: Uhh…?? IDK
Artist of this webcomic! Likes bugs. Eats Garbage. Currently studying Japanese in Japan. Their roommate is Onta!
Species: Bear
Draws porn. Farts a bunch. Pretty dang good at cooking, like woah. That is some tasty food you made there sir bear. Also studying Japanese in Japan, roommates with Seel.
Species: Fluff Dragon
Appearances: Hand Sanitizer, Fiddle-Dee-Skii, Antlion Hunt, Late Night Chats
Kali is an entomologist. She likes helping people ID insects and spiders as well as educate anyone bug-curious! She and Seel are buddies who like bugs. Bug buddies. Buggies?
Bowrll & Draklerahl
Species: Horned Viper, Emerald Tree Boa
Appearances: Icecream Truck, Zero Miles, Darude, Ocean Friend, You’ll Never Find It, Look Ma!, Yay Food!!, The Couch, Reckless Driving, Spicy Pepper, Best City EVAR
Bowrll and Drak live together in NYC. They both love reptiles and have a few as pets! Bowrll is an animator and Drak is a programmer. Drak is very shy. Sometimes Bowrll can have arms and legs, or just be represented as a tiny snake. These are just character qualities that change depending on the comic and are not considered canon. Hurray for cartoon logic!!
Deige & Voe
Species: Tanuki, Kitsune
Appearances: Sugary Cupcakes, Rectangles, Fiddle-Dee-Skii
Deige and Voe are married and live together. Deige works at a cosmetics store and dabbles in witchcraft. Voe is ex-military and likes to collect interesting weapons.
Species: Panda
Appearances: Comiket 89, Sea Paradise, Sea Paradise 2, Sea Paradise 3, Rilakkuma, Yoga
Danny is multilingual and lives in Japan. He is originally from Mexico, lived in America, then moved to Japan for college. He can speak Spanish, English, and Japanese. He’s a turd.