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Be Like You – Animation

Be Like You – Animation

IT’S FINALLY DOOOONE!! Please check out this collab animation I did with Niina, we both worked really hard on it!!
This was to celebrate us both getting 100k+ subs on Youtube  ^^It took us a while to complete because we were both really busy lately, but I’m so happy to see our hard work in this video!! Niina did an amazing job editting and compiling the video, she’s so talented and I’m happy she wanted to collaborate with me  ;w;

This comic is entirely supported through Patreon. Let’s give a BIG THANKS to our Super Supporters this week:

♥♥ Coonix, Steven, Lex, Pomrawr, Lodestar, ChawchawWolf, Seth, Typhoon33, J8-Bit, Catmumu,  Brain, Cecil, Ryan, Sybil, Dominiccrump, Kailys, Lional72, inkrunner101, Bill, SKYEPROWER, and Van!! ♥♥


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  1. Did a great job with the facial features especially how the mouths motioned to the sound of the words. Your character the lil ground lion girl’s personality seems to show with the motions compared to the guest with her hand gestures suggesting she’s more playful and her stance along with the way she walks suggests that though she enjoys a degree of power in the authority of seriousness will remain primarily aloof from being all too serious

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