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Bed Lights

Bed Lights

this happened at Anthrocon a few years ago. seems all the lights on the bed were faulty except for the ONE i tried, staring straight into.those lights were hella bright… auhgg….

i’m not really sure why we were so fascinated by the bedlights. aren’t those pretty common in hotels?  >_>

OH this is Fritter’s first comic finally!



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  1. I’m a really huge fan of your work, I’m literally using a school chromebook to do this because I’m grounded but I was so dang desperate to talk to you and say how much I love your art and videos on youtube! I would try to tell you this on your DeviantArt but again I’m using a school chromebook so all forms of social media are blocked-
    Anyway, I just wanted to say that your work is amazing, keep it up!

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