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Best City EVAR

Best City EVAR


Today marks a momentous occasion: SEELPEEL’S FIRST GUEST COMIC!!! This cute little beauty was made by Myoti, you can find their galleries and social media links here:
FA, Weasyl, Twitter, Patreon
I can’t get over how cute this comic is. I feel totally kindred with that excited food pup…
Hopefully everyone enjoys this first guest comic! I’m really excited to have Myoti participate on this website. I look forward to more guest artists in the future!   >u<


This comic is entirely supported through Patreon. Let’s give a BIG THANKS to our Super Supporters this week:

♥♥ Bryan, Coonix, Steven, Falcon, Van, Metadragon, Natalie, Zenergized, Journeyful, Keo, Tsukiyo, PonyBoy, NoodleInc, Cecil, Rigoberto, heyPert, and Fritter!! ♥♥

9 Responses to Best City EVAR

  1. Oh man, I went to visit Allie once and they were like “let’s order breakfast” and I was like “I DIDN’T EVEN THINK ABOUT THAT POSSIBLY BEING A THING???”

    Good job, Myoti!

    • Nope, that’s not at all the case! After this I will still update weekly with my own comics as normal. I just wanted to try a guest comic this week, and Myoti was nice enough to volunteer! It honestly gives me a nice break since I’ve been so busy.

      I’d definitely like to invite more guest artists in the future, but as of now there are no plans.

  2. You know if I wanted to see that person’s art I would be following them…
    Honestly I’m not at all a fan of this guest appearance comic… I get that their your friend but
    My understanding was just seeing comics from you. Is this going to be a normal thing now? Or random whenever you feel like it?

    Maybe if this strip was funny I would be fine with it, but it’s not- the art /paneling has no impact –

    Sorry for the blunt opinion –

    • I’m very sorry you don’t like this strip! 🙁

      A lot of webcomics have guest appearances sometimes, I think it’s a pretty normal practice. I wanted to try it out myself, and Myoti was nice enough to make this comic for my website ^^
      I’ve been updating this site with my own comic every week for over a year, and this is the first time a comic is not mine. Honestly I have been extremely busy, and this was a nice chance for me to take a little breather.

      – Will I do it more in the future? Yes, definitely! I think it’s really fun and amazing to see other artists work and interpretations!

      – Will it happen frequently? Probably not. I still plan to update Seelpeel with mostly my own content, and as of now there are no plans for future guest artists. As of next week it returns to normal.

      Again, sorry you’re not diggin’ the comic this week. Thanks for giving it a chance!

    • Good thing this comic strip and website isn’t specially made for you, cos that would be real egg on their face. But instead, the egg is on your face because that’s kinda an entitled way to think. How does it feel to be an eggyface? Probably pretty bad. And like, slimy. But at least it’s high protein?

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