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This week’s comic continues the beach adventures we went on! Poor Onta… he was being so considerate to us. (´;ω;`)


In other news! I made a small batch of Seelpeel themed stickers for Telegram!! Just click on this link, or the image below, to go to the page and download the stickers! For anyone that doesn’t know, Telegram is a chat client you can create and send your own stickers/emoji through. It’s really fun! I’ll probably be adding more to the pack later, but for now please enjoy this little bundle I made:



Thanks to all my Patreon supporters! This week’s All-Star supporters:

♥♥ Steven, Fritter, Bryan, Clifton, Cecil, Padunk, David, Sam, and Keo!! ♥♥

14 Responses to Darude

  1. Woahhhhh… Lightning on the beach! :0 I’ve always wanted to see lightning on a beach,Let alone be on one at the time! Lucky!!!
    (Also,RIP Onta,He was a sea-Plush)

    • Haha yeahhh I made them!

      Even if they get fan-made, there’s no profit involved so it’s not a huge deal I guess lol o3o;;
      But thanks for the concern! X3

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