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Ehhh you know, one of those moments where things that have no connection at all get criss-crossed in your mind… I guess that’s what happened in the events of this comic.


Back when I still lived in the States, my friends and I used to go to the Ren Faire every year! It was always really fun, lots of really neat stuff to do and see. I especially loved the hot mulled wine whenever we went in the fall… it just warmed you right up! We also got to see a lot of cool wasps that were attracted to the wines haha. They were pesky, but cute.


In this comic my friend Deige (the Tanuki) was dressed up as a Satyr for the event! Here is a super adorable photo of him in his costume:




At a later Ren Faire event, I got this cute tiny little pouch!!




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9 Responses to Fiddle-Dee-Skii

  1. LMAO I remember the lil swishy swingy faux skiing dance you did for this. There’s a market for skiing pirates somewhere….

  2. Aaah, RenFaire.
    I only started going about two years ago, but it’s pretty fun.
    We go up to the Georgia one at least twice a year now, haha.

    Deige’s satyr outfit is nice 😀

  3. That Lazy Town reference…

    It is interesting to note that most people heard this song from one of Fred Perry’s flash animation.

    What were you eating there Seel =O?

    And to end my comment, YARRR!!!~ *pulls out a wooden sword*

    • i’m guilty to know it from the animation as well, haha!

      and i don’t remember exactly what the food was, it was some sort of meat… XD;

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