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Final Results

Final Results

For anyone interested in checking out the Chimereon group on DA: CLICK HERE!
This week’s comic was drawn by HOSHPOSH! Please go check out her amazing artwork!

Sorry for the delay getting the comic this week. My friend really wanted to be a guest artist for Seelpeel, but since this series is… 95% based on real life events, it’s a little hard to work those in. Since we are both active in the Chimereons group, this felt like this was the perfect opportunity for her to draw something! AND LOOK HOW CUTE AND AMAZING IT IS WHAAAA~

Thank you all for humoring me through this slight divergence. Regular Seelpeels will resume by next update!


This comic is entirely supported through Patreon. Let’s give a BIG THANKS to our Super Supporters this week:

♥♥ ~No update this week~ ♥♥


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