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this was basically the comic that made me not wanna do font-based dialogue anymore so i think this is the last one i’ll do this way, since it was… for the most part already completed  :’3

moving forward the dialogue will be hand drawn!


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15 Responses to Gatcha

  1. yeah in america the machine are cheap in japan it quite easier with technique. They even will give you the prize if you spend the equivalent.

  2. Here in America, they’re often designed if not programmed to lose more than half their strength when the crane reaches back up to the top. In other countries that’s considered illegal so they are designed to be a bit fairer.

  3. I remember all through school, my mother would pick me up and bring us by a convenient store. She’d give me quarters for coke, lemonheads and to play one game from the Crane Game… I got so freaking good at the Crane Game, had a massive closet full of things I’d had won XD

  4. I’ve had this happen before and it’s the most surreal feeling.

    “This game cheats you out of prizes every time. Here I’ll show you”

    Suddenly wins an Xbox 360.

    “…No really this thing usually cheats”

  5. I think you /may/ have meant ‘good grip’, but as devious as these dang machines can be, I think “God Grip” just fits way more epicly! xD

  6. These crane games were honestly the bane of my existence when I was a kid, when i’d lose I would swear my revenge against them one day (now I just give dirty looks to any crane games I see)

  7. I love your hand writing but i will miss the font based dialogue a bit. Also i’ve only won a prize from a crane machine 6 times my whole life. It basically drops the prize as you grab it. But sometimes you win like in this comic! 30 % chance you will win.

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