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Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer


One day a few years ago I went to the Academy of Natural Sciences with my friends Kali and Onta! It’s such a fun little museum, Kali and I love to go there to see all the cool buggies they have (sometimes they have an event called Bug Fest which is REALLY AWESOME!!) So one time after our trip there, I quickly found out that Onta issss… allergic to something that’s in hand sanitizer   oAo;;;  Not something I ever expected to happen!! I felt pretty stricken with guilt for a while afterward, even though he didn’t seem to care that much lol.


What are you talking about? Of course I care.


Wh-wha-?! You do?? It was an accident though, I really had… no idea! PLEASE FORGIVE MEEEEE~  。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。


Haha it’s fine I’m just teasing. No need for such melodrama.

I, ah… okay. If you’re sure.  (;´Д`)  A-anyway. This is the first time my friend Kali appears in a comic, we’re starting to get a bunch of characters showing up on this site! My plan is to get some charater bios up within the next few weeks, so keep an eye open for those. Thanks everyone for dropping by~!

Another big thanks to my super awesome Patreon supporters! Here are the super special All-Star supporters this week:

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19 Responses to Hand Sanitizer

  1. Just saw this on tumblr and had to come see the text underneath! Wow, sucks to be allergic to hand sanitizer. D: Your art’s great as always, though!

    And I LOVE the Academy of Natural Sciences! I don’t know if you still live in the area, but you don’t have to wait until Bugfest to see the collections if you’re interested in bugs. You can arrange to study from the collections as an artist! I’ve been doing it regularly for about a year now and actually was a vendor at this year’s Bugfest! It’s amazing and they have so much stuff that isn’t usually on the main museum floor.

  2. I actually didn’t realize that the bear was Onta until now.
    Must be fun to know people of the furry arts in person.
    So far I only met people at EF21, barely anyone I knew there.

  3. I miss Philly so much, ’tis my hometown and I haven’t been in forever. *Is instantly jealous of awesome insect themed events* >3>

    • Philly has a lot of great museums!! Academy of Natural Sciences is one of my favorites, probably the one I’ve visited the most haha. (it’s also the most easily accessible to me)

      Another REALLY great one that I haven’t had many opportunities to go to is the Wagner Free Institute of Science. It’s free! They have a suuuuper amazing collection.

      The Insectarium is also pretty dang great, they have a lot of live specimens there. Unfortunately that place is kinda far from me so again, haven’t been there much. It’s not as popular, but if you really like bugs it’s a good stop!

      Also also also… of course the Mütter Museum if you’re into crazy medical stuff.

      Hahaha sorryyyyy I just love all these places and couldn’t help but give them all a little shoutout!

  4. It’s okay!! Apparently this is pretty common. I think it has something to do with the alcohol maybe? Cos my hands blew up and got itchy and red after I used spray on sun block the other day, and I think that shares some ingredients with hand sanitizer. (´-﹏-`;)

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