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Huion Unboxing

Huion Unboxing

ok this isn’t really an art piece/comic/animation but it does include some Seel and Onta interaction so… I thought I’d just post it here for you guys?? You don’t have to watch it but for anyone interested:


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  1. Wow. I might have to give that a serious look-see. I started on an Intuos years ago and never liked the disconnect between drawing on one surface and seeing the results on a screen. So I foolishly blew a cash windfall one year on the behemoth 50 Lb Cintiq HD, and I’ve hated it the whole time. Crappy resolution, parallax, and the titanic proportions… it’s literally sitting on my floor now with dirty jeans draped over it (So the cat won’t puke on them). A frickin $2,500 laundery rack.

    Maybe I can sell it for a case of beer on ebay :'(

    P.S. you forgot to sniff the carton when you first cut it open. Call me weird, but there’s nothing like the smell of new electronics, LOL!

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