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Icecream Truck

Icecream Truck

face3Hello Hello everyone, welcome back! Third week since the site launch and I’m still pretty excited and can hardly believe this is actually happening! I’m feeling really enthusiastic, it’s actually taking a lot of my energy to not post my backlog immediately. Must stick to my schedule! ahhh~  (;° ロ°)

This was the comic I had originally intended to post last week. It was sketched by my wonderful friend Bowrll (she’s the yellow snake in this comic)! Hopefully I can get a character page up soon to keep track of all these awesome dudes popping up  OwO
If you wanna follow Bowrll, here is her Tumblr! She posts lots of cute photos of her reptiles. Be sure to check her art tag, it’s SUPER ADORABLE STUFF!!! ♥

This happened one hot summer a few years ago. Actually, I think this happened multiple times… we never got our ice cream. Damn pants. (╥_╥)


Funding for the comic this week was provided by all the wonderful supporters over on my Patreon page! A big thank you and shoutout to these Super Supporters:

♥♥ Steven, Bryan, Clifton, Daxxcat, Cecil, David, and Keo!! ♥♥

20 Responses to Icecream Truck

    • Rude. Even if they are fictional cartoon characters there is no need to dehumanize a character with “IT” and secondly, does it matter? Does that affect how you enjoy the content being provided? Would gender have changed how you might expect them to react to an ice cream truck or the lack of pants???

      • Ack!! It’s ok guys, I don’t mind the question at all! ; w ;

        But you’re not wrong Blastgoggles, I never found the gender of my character to be that prominent or important in most cases. I prefer to keep the character androgynous or non binary, but if people would prefer to see it as more male or more female, I don’t mind that at all either. The character possesses qualities of both (and I’ve drawn it many ways myself) and I think can easily be one or the other. Or nothing!

        Part of that decision can be up to the viewer’s interpretation, as it doesn’t bother me at all. c:

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