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Ocean Friend


I CAN’T BELIEVE WE SAW A HAMMERHEAD SHARK. IT WAS SO AMAZING!! We were pretty excited about it for a few hours after it happened, haha. If you follow me or Bowrll on Twitter you probably saw us spazzing out about it for a while!!


Here’s a Vine Bowrll was able to take of the shark. The camera makes it a little hard to see…. but from the shore we could see it SO clearly. It was very very close!





Ahghghgg thinking about it now is still so awesome. I can’t believe we saw a shark   \( ‘з’)/   (We all live in cities and don’t get to travel to the beach very often…)
Unfortunately Onta left THE DAY before we saw this. So he didn’t get to experience the awesome sharkie friend. (┳Д┳)


ALSO!! Bowrll was AWESOME and animated the last panel of this comic!! Look at how her arm ripples in and out  (✪㉨✪)   Weird snakey powers~ You should check out her stuff on her Tumblr if you haven’t already!
(Also fun fact when sketching this comic I originally forgot to draw Drak after the first panel… so we joked that he got eaten by the shark. Poor Drak!)

Support for this comic was provided by all the lovely people on my Patreon page! Big big THANK YOU to my Super Supporters this week:

♥♥ Steven, Bryan, Clifton, Fritter, Daxxcat, Cecil, David, Sam, and Keo!! ♥♥

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  1. Hello 😀
    I found your website just today surfing the web.
    I just get to the point(cuz I’m not good at writing in English yet…), I’m blogger posting webtoons ‘translated’ by me. Correctly, I post webtoons that I got the permission to
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    I read your comics and want to translate in my language(Korean). Your comcis is known among pretty much ppl at the web community I often use, so If I translate them it will be better for all the others who don’t know your comics or just know as pictures themselves.

    I NEVER use artists’ own property rights for my commercial benefits. And if you not allow me to do, I will NEVER do the work, too.
    So if you do or not, just reply me please.

    kkngrabbit.tistory.com , this is my website, please consult it.

    + Thanks for nice comics, especially epsidoe’Interesting’.
    It made me search for this website

    • Hi there! Thank you for contacting me. It would be an honor if you could translate my webcomic into Korean! I would like to eventually add some translations to my website in the future, so this is a good opportunity. (I could re-post them here, and link to your website?)
      Also if you can link back to here, that would be great ^ ^

      Thank you so much!! I’m glad you enjoy the comic, I’m excited to see the translation!

      • Thank you for your permission 🙂
        I will start the work asap and send you the translated ones with e-mail.

        XXXX This is my mail address, send me a mail to check your address for you to get the translated ones. You rightly will be able to re-upload them and I rightly will refer to your property rights and website link in the posts.

        YAY so exited! Thank you again, a lot xD

        after check the sentences, please delete this mention :3

  2. I would have without a doubt stayed in the water, sharks are super cool and hammerheads never attack people. Of the ten types there are only three “dangerus” ones and there have only been 33 attacks (none fatal) in all of history (Their big heads are like metal detectors for fish under the sand) Like, how often do you get to see super cool sealife?

    Me= super jelly of hammerhead hijinks.

  3. This comic has only been up for a few months, and it has already made noticeable growth since it’s release. The art just keeps increasing in quality every week, and the demographic the site attracts is a very social and friendly crowd.

    Keep up the good work, shoot.

    • Ahh, thank you so much!! I’m really having a lot of fun working on all these comics, so I’m glad they are being enjoyed… ;u;

      The comic this week pooped me out a bit so I dunno if I’ll be able to keep up THIS kind of quality all the time, but definitely here or there I’ll give some extra OOMPH!

      Thanks again for such a sweet comment ♥

  4. That is amazing! If I was swiming there with my best friend, she would of stayed in that water to swim with it! She loves sharks. She studies sharks and swam with a few different kinds sharks but never with her favorite the Great Hammerhead! She would probably kill for this kind of experience.

    • YEAH honestly I always thought seeing a shark of any kind while swimming would SCARE THE CRAP out of me, but it wasn’t scary at all! It was extremely exciting, in a good way. (it was actually a normal old fish that scared the poo out of me later on hahaha).
      The shark seemed very mild mannered and was just drifting along. I was actually very tempted to get a closer look at it underwater, but since I don’t know much about sharks or their behavior… I didn’t risk it lol.
      I really wish we could have known what species of hammerhead it was exactly!

      • it probably was the best to give it space and watch from a distance but still XD
        where wast this beach? i bet my friend could narrow down what kind it is from location and the vine video XD. From what she told me i know that hammerheads pup in the gulf and there favorite food is stingray.

  5. I was looking at the first panel with my fiance and saying how it seem like Bowrll just has limbs sometimes, then I scrolled down and it was better than I expected 🙂

  6. You can REALLY tell how much work went into this Tuesday’s comic. It’s beautiful, well structured, and the animation is great. Wow, I’m like blown away. The water, the expression, the moe shark. Love it!!

    • Thank you so much Kali! I did overwork this comic a little. I just get kinda carried away with the water parts (´;ω;`)

      I’m so glad Bowrll made the animation, too! It’s so well done ToT ♥

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