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Q&A: Undertale Con Experience

Q&A: Undertale Con Experience

The content of this comic is pretty old, this particular comic was only available to Patreon supporters for over a year (originally posted to Patreon April 2017).
As some of you might have noticed, the updates haven’t exactly been reliable lately. To keep it simple for now, I’ve lost motivation. I need to re-evaluate what I want to do with this webcomic.
I’ll try to make a proper post about this later. I apologize if I have disappointed anyone with my update schedule lately.


This comic is entirely supported through Patreon. Let’s give a BIG THANKS to our Super Supporters this week:

♥♥ ~Coonix, Steven, J8-Bit, Lodestar, ChawchawWolf, Seth, Typhoon33, Brain, Cecil, Kailys, Lional72, Bill, and Van!~ ♥♥


8 Responses to Q&A: Undertale Con Experience

  1. maybe taking a break or changing up your post schedule could help ya out (like posting less often or something like that)

    gotta do what you love doing and be happy above all else tho c:

  2. For what it’s worth – I like the short funny stories / jokes / life events the most. But more than that I just want you to keep doing what you enjoy. Apreciate ya!

  3. i cant say i’ve got a lot of experience with burnout and such in the art category but if i was to give any advice it would be to forget about the comic and relax by doing something you love, in your case bug hunt maybe and enjoy yourself without pressure.

  4. Hey !! it’s ok. I – and many other people – love all of your comics !
    I love how smooth your drawings look (in your webcomics and vids too ! and twit ofcourse), they’re bigass inspiration 😀
    keep being colourful !!

  5. Aww, it’s okay Seels! We understand that your health and peace of mind comes before the webcomic. I hope you fix whatever mood you’re in, if that’s possible, and come to the conclusion of what you want for this webcomic. We’ll understand if you can’t continue, or need a hiatus.
    Lots of love and best of wishes!!!!

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