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When will this adorable reign of Rilakkuma end?!


I’m not sure how long he’s been around exactly, but he was a pretty huge deal the first time I studied in Japan back in 2012. I’m back living in Japan now in 2016 and… Rilakkuma is just as big as ever. What the heck?! How are people not tired of it yet. I mean, I don’t mind… he…. he is pretty cute…


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6 Responses to Rilakkuma

  1. Rilakkuma is a fictional character produced by the Japanese company San-X, created by former employee Aki Kondo. Rilakkuma first appeared in ‎2003.

  2. Mother of Gob, had no idea you had a webcomic thingy! I expect to see you riding in on a hercules beetle in the near future.

    Carry on little lady, enjoying the stuffs 😀

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