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Sea Paradise 3

Sea Paradise 3


Finally we have reached the end of the Cucumber Chronicles, and although my fingers were frozen for a few hours afterwards, it was well worth it. If i were at a beach on a nice warm day and happened to find a sea cucumber, I’d probably spend a few hours just touching it. Though the cucumber might not like that very much…
Bonus photo of me and a giant CRAB!!!




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9 Responses to Sea Paradise 3

  1. So cool+A+ unlucly i saw just the aquarium in sunshine city . This year i ll search for something bigger so :3

  2. I love how Onta gets bit in the 4th panel by the shark thing, hope he didn’t actually get hurt cx.

    Also I love those pictures you’ve put at the bottom, the art is super nice.

    • OHHH OOPS LOL i meant to add in the description that he didn’t actually get bit, i just added it coz it seemed funny… XD
      So yes he is fine lol. sorry about that!!

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