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Sea Paradise

Sea Paradise


I’m dumb and keep updating my comics right before bed to make the deadline for everyone in the west. I need to try and figure out a better posting method than waiting until it’s super late here! (Tuesday morning in the west is Tuesday night for me… lol)
That means I’ll have to beef up this description a little more when I’m awake again… BLUHHH SO TIRED!!


OK I’M AWAKE WOOOO. Well basically we went to Yokohama Sea Paradise aquarium (in Yokohama, duh) AND IT WAS SUCH AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE!! I mean, it was winter so.. it was pretty damn cold. But that also meant there weren’t too many people around, so we got to enjoy most of the crazy creatures for ourselves!! There was basically nobody outside for the Touch Tank because of how cold it was, haha. But my dream from this strip came true. Was it worth it to freeze my hands off…? You’ll have to wait and see in the next comic…!!

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♥♥ Van, Noodleinc, Steven, Bryan, Falcon, Daxxcat, Shaun, Cecil, Keo, Tsukiyo, and Fritter!! ♥♥

25 Responses to Sea Paradise

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  2. Are they really that soft?

    SIDE NOTE: On your topic of posting for us westerners I’m sure no one will care if you do it the following morning or earlier in the previous day. Its up to you really! So do what you feel is best for you 😉

  3. Wut o-o…

    I am picky about one detail…

    The temperature you gave was in Farenheit…?

    Sorry, I am from Canada so everything here is in Celsius and I thought Japan’s temperature units were the same as us right =T?

    • yesssss sorry i was debating which unit to use, but i’m from america and i think most of my viewers are also there… hmm… i should have added an F XwX;;

      • Please do! You have followers from everywhere on the globe and some jokes might fly over our heads until we realise it’s in Fahrenheit since we automatically think in Celsius haha
        I’m also from Canada and was confused for a moment because I assumed it was 30°C which is very hot!

        The cucumber touching face is amazing btw! I laughed for a good minute when I scrolled down to it. I was not expecting that at all

  4. Can’t you program the updates? What platform are you using for the site? You can probably program the time for a post to go public.

    Btw, love the comics 🙂

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