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Seelpeel Goes Live!

Seelpeel Goes Live!

face1Wooo my website is finally up and running!! I’m really excited and kinda nervous to share all my silly comics with you guys!! If you’ve been following my art through the years, some of the comics here may be familiar to you. I plan to re-draw them and make them look nice and presentable, as well as drawing completely new content just for this site. It’ll be a crazy, gross adventure!  ⊙ω⊙

Other content will slowly be added to the website as I continue to develop it (like character bios, shop, etc). But for now it will just be the comics, because I really just wanted to get the site launched and not have anymore delays.

I’ll be updating this comic once a week every Tuesday. Again, I’m very excited to finally get this webcomic rolling and share it with everyone.
Thanks for dropping by~!  *(*´∀`*)☆

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  1. Stupid question I’m sure..

    I am partially blind so deal with me here please! ^w^;

    but is Seel a girl? Or a boy? T_____________T I don’t knoooooooow!

  2. Ahaha, OMG, whenever I blink, you have created something new and awesome… xD;;; And I’m so proud all your adventures and challenges look awesome and make you feel happy, hehehe x) *BEARhugs* … Oh, wait… my bear hugs are not original anymore, ahhaha xD;;

    • You can always *BULLhugs* right?? 😀
      Either way, everyone knows you’re the original BEARhugger.

      I miss you so much Skifi!! I hope we can have adventures together again some day ^^

    • We don’t have an RSS feed implemented yet, but I’m looking into it! No idea what the ETA would be, as there are some other things i need to do for the site first. But hopefully it will be soon ^^!

  3. The “DOHOHOHOHOHO – BAMF” part caught me off guard omg
    I totally just read her laugh in Ed’s voice from Ed, Edd N’ Eddy.

    ps. Seely is CUTE. hhh <3

  4. Great! I’ll stick around to see what comes out of this new venture.

    I’ve been wanting to ask this since I first saw your SFW art and many of your rougher sketches, do you do commissions? I would be thrilled to commission you for something. I’m only asking here because I can’t find any information relating to that. You are an amazing artist, your style is beautiful!

    • Unfortunately I’m not open for commissions. It’s actually been a few years since I’ve taken them, and I don’t really plan to open for them again any time soon. I’m sorry! :c

      Your interest in my work really means a lot to me though, thank you very much… TuT ♥

    • I was just talking to my site coder about it, and I don’t think that’s a feature we will be implementing (at least not yet, there are other site issues to add/fix first)

      But thank you for bringing it up, I will keep it in consideration. 😀

  5. A website dedicated exclusively to Seel? WOO! I’ve been lurking since the void days too. I always love seeing more of your work come out.

    • OMG another person that’s known me from Void days hahaha *COVERS FACE IN SHAME* ( ;´Д`)

      Th-thank you though!! It really means a lot ; w ; ♥

  6. This is really great!!!
    I am happy for you! The layout is amazing! I love the beetles incorporated into the theme! I was really hoping you would do this based on all the great stuff in your patreon sketches. I had been following your work for a while now and this is a great development! Cheers

    • Yeeee thank you so much!! And yes all the silly comics you’ve seen on my Patreon will eventually be appearing here (BUT IN HD!!!… sorta)

      ヾ(*^▽^*)ノ .。.:*☆

  7. I’m very happy to see you have a website now, I’ve loved your work since a long way back and enjoyed your early Void City days up until even now. It’s pretty awesome seeing your journey from what was a rather rough sketchy style and seeing it pretty much fully realized, polished and more awesome than before.

    Come to think of it, I’ve probably been following your work for nearly 10 years or so now! How time flies! This is probably the second time I’ve really said anything to you, but know that I will always be a sincere fan of yours!

    Keep on keeping on, Seel!

    • Oh my gosh, Void comics… my art there was so bad XD Holy crap I’m ashamed to even look at it LOL. I’m glad people enjoyed my art then, though, and it was REALLY fun to do!! Maybe I can do some more action-packed comics like that again some time >w< b And wow, 10 years... O_O You've seen all of my SHAME. Thank you for sticking with my art for so long, even during the rough times. I really really appreciate it, and it makes me happy to know someone enjoys my art that much ;u; <3

  8. You’ve been one of my favorite artists for a long time; I’m glad you’ve found a cool outlet for your thoughts and musings, and that your Patreon is doing so well. Good luck—looking forward to seeing where this goes :9

    • Ghhhggg th-thank you so much… ; u ; I feel a little overwhelmed with all the support! (i’m not worrthhyyy…)

      Thank you again for such kind words, it really means a lot to me. I’m glad my art has been good to you these years TuT

  9. I’m so SO excited for this site. I’ve been following your art and silly comics for years. I can’t wait to see old comics reimagined and all the new content! Everything looks great! Best of luck, Seely!


  10. I’m so glad you’re doing this! I have always enjoyed your lil’ snippets of life comics you have done before, even if I didn’t know the people or the situation!

    • Ahh thank you so much!! I’m glad people are able to enjoy them even if they don’t know what’s… really happening, haha.

      Hope I don’t disappoint! TwT

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