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Sichuan Pepperflakes

Sichuan Pepperflakes



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13 Responses to Sichuan Pepperflakes

  1. Was it peppercorns because I like eating Ma Po Tofu which has A LOT of peppercorns in it? They usually leave a numbing, slightly bitter taste and it makes drinking water REALLY weird. That Szechuan cuisine always having some crazy spice combos!

  2. I had a similar situation a couple years ago when someone gave me a pepper and someone else at the table told me not to bite the whole thing, so I bit the whole thing, chewed it, swallowed, was able to talk, and walked out of the the lunch room.
    Three minutes later, it was like I had licked a ball of fire. My mouth was dripping, my eyes were burning, my nose was running, my head was starting to feel hazy. I felt so light-headed that I couldn’t walk straight and it didn’t go away for almost half an hour. I barely managed to work after that, and it was doing the more physically stressful jobs, in a hot room, during summer. So the pepper making me sweat oceans didn’t help.

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