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Surf’s Up!

Surf’s Up!

For anyone interested in checking out the Chimereon group on DA: CLICK HERE!
My entry for the surfing Event  ^^   It also comes with a short story written by Arrcrao!!


Clair: “It’s time for the Chimereon Summer Sporting Event, Chimereons grab your bands, boards and swimsuits cause it’s time to go surfing!!! Today’s event we have many Chimereons added within the field, both Red and Green Team getting ready to show off what they’ve got! Joining me today is none other than Archie themselves who decided to commentate during this current event. What would you like to say about this Archie?”
Both Chimereons were located in a small hut near the beach, observing the competition while others start to get their gear ready. The Red Team leader smiles widely and couldn’t wait to get their fur soaked and wet as well.

Archie: “Thanks for having me, Clair. Eeeyup, our contenders are really cheering to win this thing. Out on the calm waters we see some of our members cheering for some other Chimereons out onto the roaring fields. Really can’t wait to see some bodies flipping over. Kekekeke.” Archie snickers quietly and clasped their paws together, of course Clair was plenty excited to see some sweet moves along with huge waves.

Clair: “Yes indeed. Thank you on your input, let’s see what our fellow Chimereons are up to. Oh!” Clair gasped into the microphone, using their binoculars the two had, several waves started to form as four Chimereons with determination started to surf off into the waves and ride them along easily!

Archie: “Looks like those four really know how to handle the sea pretty easily. I remember my first time wiping out from the first wave against you, Clair. Really knocked me down hard, but it was still plenty of fun.” Archie gestured their hands, both paws clasped together as one paw wiggled away representing themselves getting flipped over while the other hand wiggled away smoothly; having that to be Clair riding the waves easily.

Clair: “Awwwh I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it, plus I’m not sure that I can handle huge waves.”

Clair says happily, not before long tons of Chimereons were very eager to enter the water, stretching themselves out and prepping for their turn. Suddenly, the whole community feels light vibrations that would come closer within their vicinity. Out in the sandy beach came a very large unknown Chimereon. Happily running past through the waiting contenders and couldn’t sit down any longer!

Clair: “Oh boy, looks like we’ve got our big guns!”
Archie: “Bahahaha! Let’s see how this plays out, c’mon big guy make some waves crash!” Both commenters raises their paws up and high, as the big unknown Chimereon roars out happily and splashes into the sea! The audience yells out to the group of Chimereons who were relaxing out further from the competition, trying to get used to riding and sitting on their surfboards. One of them looks at the water, several waves start to form behind them as they all got ready for the big one. Quickly preparing themselves as soon they were rapidly caught onto the big large Chimereons playful swims, which caused a very big wave to wrap the five into it and eventually ride along the huge Chimereon-made waves and soon one member falls victim into the splashes.

Archie: “Ahahaha! I told you that was gonna happen! Bahaha!” Archie laughs out onto the microphone, even though it was one of her fellow team members who wiped out. Clair closed their eyes only to open and checks to see if they’re alright.


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