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The Cliffside 4

The Cliffside 4

Hey all, sorry for the small, unannounced hiatus. If any of you follow my social media or gallery accounts you might have seen that I was hospitalized for a few days to take care of a minor operation. I apologize for not making an announcement on this website, and that this comic is now a week behind! But please do not worry, I’m now home and doing MUCH better!!

I set up a small little funder since I was unable to work last week, so if anyone wants to donate a coffee on my Ko-Fi page, you can!

On a side note, my Patreon support has dropped considerably this month so I will no longer be making two Seelpeel updates a week. Sorry guys!!  ;u;   It was fun while it lasted. I’m sure we’ll get to that place again, but for now I don’t mind going back to one comic a week since I am still recovering a bit from my hospitalization!  XD

Thank you so much everyone who continues to support me and my art  ❤
Love you guys so much!! ❤  ❤


This comic is entirely supported through Patreon. Let’s give a BIG THANKS to our Super Supporters this week:

♥♥ Coonix, Pijin, Mirroar, Ruffy, Cameron, Lodestar, David B., Alexander, Bryan, Fidufex, Mercury, MajicPolarBear, DayDreamSyndrom, Silentman, ShenShen, Steven, Seth Iova, Typhoon33, Keo, Susan, OQB, TibTyper, UnitedFurs, Cecil, Rionquosue, taj, Kailys, dHb, Micah, RetBriar, Falcon, Damien, Cloudy, Willow, Darrell, Fritter, Snnow, and Van!! ♥♥

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  1. I had an appendix oparation two weeks ago XD (It’s funny cause’ it’s around the time seel had their oparation).

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