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The Couch

The Couch


All of my friends toot so much! I’m surrounded by tooty booties.


Anyway, as some of you might know we had a pretty busy month preparing for our first convention here in Japan:  Kemoket! Well, I’ve been to some conventions here before, but this was the first one I was selling my own books and merchandise at. It was pretty exciting! I had two books and some charms for sale. The extras will be going up on AliceBooks soon if anyone wanted to get their hands on the last few copies I had! I’ll be sure to update the site with that information when I have it available (I’ll advertise it on Twitter, Tumblr, and FA)

Here are some tweets from the convention:


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  1. Seel: “I never said you farted…”
    Bowrll: “Well, uhh…”
    Seel: “Whoever denied it, supplied it. Besides, it smells like ass.”

    LOL! BTW, are you pushing her away just because she farted, because it smelled bad or both?

    • If only there was a way to “harness” this energy, like the Mr.Fusion from back to the future, but for toots!

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