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Tokyo Evening 1

Tokyo Evening 1

Oh gawrsh uehuehue what could this bu fufufufu >:3c

First page of a 3 part comic!








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20 Responses to Tokyo Evening 1

  1. Ok so I’m told public hand holding is lewd…..HOW is that lewd?

    Also the comments for this page. This is going to lead everyone to something in something something somewhere! >w<

  2. HIYA Seelpeel!
    I’ve recently discovered you online through Youtube and saw a few of your AWESOME animations. I’m an aspiring animator and artist, and I’ve been looking around to try and find out more about other artist on the internet. I was wondering if you could tell me what software programs you use to make your drawings and animations? It would be SUPER AMAZING if you would respond. and I’ll be following you here and there in the future. Can’t wait to see more of you’re work!

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