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Update 2

Update 2

As much as I hate to say it, with all the things I’ve been juggling lately Seelpeel has sorta just taken a seat on the back-burner until I can get all of this current stuff taken care of. Being sick has really hindered my ability to make progress with current tasks, but thankfully I’m in the process of recovering!

Here is a small preview at my current schedule:
April 15: print deadline
April 20: moving day
April 27: final day to clear old apartment
April 30: Kemoket convention

At a glance it doesn’t look so bad, but there is a lot of unseen preparation going into all of these tasks. My book is almost completely ready for print, but I need to finish about 5~6 more pages of artwork to complete it. So I’m currently in crunch time!
I took a small break to update this webcomic after receiving a comment pointing out I haven’t updated this in a month, so for that I apologize.

Hoping to return to a regular update schedule of Seelpeel and Patreon by next month once the dust has settled!


This comic is entirely supported through Patreon. Let’s give a BIG THANKS to our Super Supporters this week:

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23 Responses to Update 2

  1. A) People that hound you to entertain them immediately for free are people you can do without. They don’t deserve to be entertained.

    B) You be good to you. We all love your art.

  2. Don’t worry, take your time, we stay there and we will not forget you !
    My english is bad but I still want you to feel better hehe 🙂

  3. I’ll NEVER FORGET THIS WEBSITE ! or your art !!
    tips for keeping up the good health and not get sick = less showers
    You could smell real bad but it’s worth it 8’D

  4. Arghhhh Just Take Your Dang Time!
    Be A Slow Relaxation Bean For At Least A Second And That Would Be SO Satisfying For Us To Know Your At Least Ok!
    We All Love Ya, So Take The Time You Deserve!

  5. Ah the trials and tribulations of moving to and around japan, for a foreginer! Good things to know (you might even make a handy list) for others wishing to follow suit. I keep wanting to pack up and leave thing behind, here in the states… and just go find me a shrine off in the hills to live at, there! xD

        • If you want a little bit or romanticism, stay in a ryokan for a few days. Check first to be sure they’re comfortable accommodating foreigners, and also be sure you brush up on the proper etiquette.

          There was one in Kyoto that was FABULOUS. Though I look like Sadako in a yukata. T_T

  6. Yeah, come on, you’re not living for us but yourself! Of course you need to just live your life in the first place, focus on your stuff! You don’t owe us anything. There’s definitely no need to be sorry. Hey pal, I’ll be just thinking about you and hoping everything turns out fine. You’re doing good, and I hope it’s gonna be a lot of joy afterwards!

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