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Hello, I’m sorry to not have kept you all updated on my situation. It slipped my mind since we have been so busy, but seeing some recent comments made me realize I needed to take action!! I really apologize for this and I hope I did not worry and/or disappoint any readers too much. I’m hopeful things will return to normal very soon!  :3

In other news, I am considering to change the format of this comic a bit. I wanted to try and turn some of them into videos for Youtube, maybe where myself and Onta do a voice over for a few of the comics! Of course not all of my friends live in this country, so comics featuring them will probably be the usual format of the comics you see on this website. What I’m trying to say is, not all comics will become videos. It’s nothing 100% yet, it is just an idea I am tossing around in my head! I would love to know what you all think of this!


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21 Responses to Update!

  1. really disappointing that it’s been this long without updates. kinda thinking of just forgetting this site at this point.

    • Hey.. sometimes Life just happens. People get sidetracked with more, immediately, important things. Saying you “might just forget” is a rather rude, and in some ways selfish, thing to say. Try putting yourself in the other persons shoes for a change.

      Say you ended up in a hospitol, and couldn’t contact any friends or family for a long while… How would you feel if they decided to just “forget about you”? Really…. >_>

  2. Like a lot of people here, the handwritten text looks very nice, and if its easier for you to do then that’s awesome. As to the videos, I would have to see one to give a solid opinion on it, but I’m on board with the idea so far. Good luck with taxes and moving etc.

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