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Volleyball Bash

Volleyball Bash

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This was my Volleyball entry for the Summer Sports Festival! One of my friends, Arrcrao, was kind enough to write up a short story to accompany this image.


Clair: “Looks like the first Volleyball Event is heating up folks! Over in our side we got our Green Team getting ready to prepare for our opponents; Red Team. It looks like they’ve even brought their team captain to give them some support!”

*Archie enters the hut where Clair was at, feeling pretty confident of their team and sits on the chair along with Clair.*

Archie: “Gotta watch out for one of our members. They’ve been dying to play Volleyball ever since they heard about the event. Let’s go!”

*Soon the first game starts, we have one of the Green Team members serving up the ball, aiming it to one of their members before sending it over to where Red Teams side was at.*

Clair: “Oh? Looks like we’ve got some major competition this time you guys! Get ready!”

*Archie smiles, crossing their arms before immediately the Red Team counters their attempt in getting a point, soon you’d see a white Chimereon with blue hair along with purple horns jump up in the air high and about to spike the ball! Green Team reacting with the best of their abilities to block the ball! Oh dang, a lot will definitely happen here within the Chimereon Summer Event!*



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