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Winter Coat 2

Winter Coat 2




In other news, I’ve been trying to get in the habit of using my Instagram more to catalog my travels around Japan! You should check it out! …Wow, has it already been a month since we’ve lived here…?? where did that time go?!


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21 Responses to Winter Coat 2

  1. Those leather pouch and hand-made bugs are so cute. x3

    Seriously, you should consider making and selling some yourself. x3 Also draw yourself in a bug mecha. Cause, ya know…JAPAN!

  2. *sigh* If the Canadian dollar keeps getting weaker I’ll never get to do my gobal round trip cause Japan is the last stop on that list and I plan to stay there a couple weeks before coming back over…Such food, so tastey.

  3. Hmm, maybe you could do an art insert photo of you in the big coat? To actually see this giant thing. Both of these comics make me think it’s similar to one I almost picked up the other day. I declined it, since I only need a coat for temporary outdoors and not ‘I’m standing in two feet of snow in 0 degree weather for five hours’ coat.

  4. Well at least the coats got you covered for falls too 😀
    Aww I guess I won’t get to see you at AC this year but I really do hope you both are enjoying your time living in Japan.Its nice to see your photos as I have never been there

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