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Winter Coat

Winter Coat


I won’t say too much for this comic because I’m FREAKIN’ TIRED and I’m about to go to sleep. It was a long day…!  TuT;  Instead you can have these Twitter posts to see what I’ve been up to lately:



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♥♥ Van, Noodleinc, Steven, Bryan, Falcon, Daxxcat, Cecil, Keo, and Fritter!! ♥♥

10 Responses to Winter Coat

  1. Love these comics! I tune in every week to see a new one! Out of curiosity have either of you tried kobe beef? Spend some time in KOBE! Eat the JUICY KOBE beef!


    Or have you tried the BIGGEST ice cream ever in Nakano, Tokyo? From the Nakano broadway of course!


    Las but not least that ramen from the LEGENDARY street food stall…. Chuka Soba Inoue! On the outer side walk of Tsukiji market, you can’t miss it!


    • oh man i haven’t tried any of these yet!! i’m not sure when we’ll have time to hit these specific spots, but i’ll definitely keep my eye out!! thank you 8D

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