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Ahhh ok here I am posting a day late because… well, I simply just lost track of what day it was. I have a difficult time keeping up with my Tuesday upload schedule since I go by what time it is in America, but in Japan we are actually almost half a day ahead of the west. So when it’s Tuesday in Japan, it’s usually still Monday in America. I’ve generally been pretty good at keeping things sorted, but then stuff like today happens where I just THINK it’s Tuesday, when really it’s Wednesday. BAH CONFUSING. Anyway, here I am with the comic. Sorry for the delay   ^^;

And for those of you going to the gym or working out,
don’t push your body too hard!  ;3;





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  1. I feel his pain, I’m on the quest to get SWOLE and it is literally a pain. But if he keeps it up he will be as STRONK AS REAL BEAR

  2. Oh i thought u posted it yesterday lol i thought i was late sorry ;_; but im not so…cool love ya seel and cute onta you tough softy !! ^^

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