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Yay Food!!

Yay Food!!


Ever have that experience where you just get so excited for food you forget that it can be too hot? Yeah, same. It’s a forgivable mistake once in a while, but if you’re like me and do it almost every time you eat, maybe you’ll have the same reaction as Onta does here.
He just microwaved Bowrll and I some simple pizza rolls, so nothing fancy is being eaten here! But they were still delicious   (  ゜Д゜)⊃旦


Also, if you’re wondering why the style for this comic looks a little different, it’s because Bowrll sketched this comic and I inked and coloured it! So we did a collaboration comic this week. Thank you Bowrll~!!  (♥ω♥ ) ~♪


In other news, look at this awesome squishy egg I bought today at a 100円 shop!!



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♥♥ Van, Noodleinc, Steven, Bryan, Falcon, Daxxcat, Cecil, Keo, Jelli, and Fritter!! ♥♥

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  1. Every time I have to reheat my food, I hate to wait for it to cooldown and I get sooooooo impatient and burn my tongue ._. …

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