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Zero Miles

Zero Miles

face7Some of you might remember this comic from a few years ago, albeit was a LOT sketchier looking then. Now it’s all refined an junk~!

Hmmm, this is one of those comics I look back on and I’m kinda surprised that it actually happened. I had spent a weekend in New York City with my friend Bowrll and we had gone out to explore, but needed some essential supplies. To be fair, we had just stepped out of the subway and the exit was RIGHT there next to the store, and we didn’t think to look up. At least something positive came out of that embarrassing moment, lol   >3>


As always, a big thanks to my Patreon supporters! This week’s All-Star supporters:

♥♥ Steven, Bryan, Clifton, Cecil, David, and Keo!! ♥♥

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    • I had already tested it before, my icon always shows green. It’s just if people reply to me they turn green too lol o__O (you can see other replies from people on previous comics, without me replying, stay normal).

      I’M INFECTED ; A ;

      • well dearest seely you have my skype on your last account if you want to get hold of me and message me, i do love the comic its very silly i just wish i could draw my self

    • Yeah that’s still an issue we need to work out! It was supposed to only be my replies that have the green background, but it seems like anyone that replies after me ALSO gets the green icon background… XD;; ACK

      Well, it’s all supposed to be temporary anyway until I can get a custom icon for me so people can easily tell where my comments are in relation to everyone else. ewe;; heheh…

    • Hmmm, she’s based on a Cerastes Cerastes, so yeah I suppose she would be venomous o3o That’s never come up in one of our comics before though~! (Just don’t make her upset, I suppose) >w>;;

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